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Andi Fausto Giubilo Spumante 2012

Andi Fausto Giubilo Spumante 2012
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  • Wine Style

    Sparkling Rose
  • Region

  • Grape Blend

    Pinot Nero
  • Size

  • Alcohol

  • Producer

    Az.Agricola Andi


Winemaking: Only produced with vintage 2012 from Pinot Noir grapes, 600 bottles produced,following the method and the recipe of the Benedictine monks of Camaldoli in 1260. Pressed with the feet, passage of the must in a jute’s cylinder filled with wheat germ and direct passage to fall into the bottle in the same day. All the fermentation process occurs in the bottle. In January, the bottles were immersed in the snow, and after 12 hours, it has been uncorked, allowing the sediments to come out and then filled up with the same wine, without any further addition. The sparkling wine remains with the presence of a small amount of its yeast and It is stored in upside down position. To uncorking the bottle, it is sufficient to put the bottle upside down at -18 C° for 20 minutes,after this period, you can uncorck the bottle inclined and you will notice a small leakage of foam and with its remaining yeast. It’s a fascinating wine, unique, incredible intensity.